Floating Hospitals

Having worked in the chars since 1998, Friendship was well aware that a land based operation, although ideal, would not be sustainable to serve the health needs of the chars and riverbanks of Bangladesh’s vast rivers. Given the distance of the islands from each other and mainland, a static healthcare system seemed quite redundant. To overcome all these obstacles, Runa Khan and Yves Marre decided to introduce the first floating hospital in Bangladesh.

The Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital was initiated by Friendship in 2001 with an aim to provide essential healthcare services to the char populace. The project was designed to reach char based population clusters that are isolated from the mainland in terms of physical distance and basic healthcare services. Following its unparalleled success at serving these communities, the Emirates Friendship Hospital was also introduced in 2008.The third floating Hospital Rongdhonu Friendship Hospital has started its operation from 2013. All the three ships are suitably equipped to provide primary and secondary care to its patients. The hospitals are also fully mobile and relocate every few months to provide the health care service. 

Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital

The Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital (LFH) is Friendship’s flagship programme and was initiated by Friendship in 2001 with an aim to provide essential primary healthcare services to char and riverbank-based population clusters in northern Bangladesh that are isolated from mainstream habitation...

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Emirates Friendship Hospital

Friendship inaugurated its second floating hospital, the Emirates Friendship Hospital (EFH), on 22 November 2008. Built under the supervision of Friendship advisor, Yves Marre, the EFH is the first steel multi-hull ship made in Bangladesh...

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Rongdhonu Friendship Hospital

After being inaugurated on 14th November 2012 in Chittagong, Rongdhonu Friendship Hospital (RFH) finally begins her journey to Kutubdia Island on 19th January 2013 to play her new role for bringing primary, secondary and emergency health care to vulnerable...

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