Adult & Adolescent Functional Literacy Programme

Since many char dwellers still cannot read or write at a functional level, as part of our holistic approach to education, in 2007, we initiated our Functional Literacy Programme under which there is Adult Literacy Project with 65 learning centres in 65 chars in Northern and Southern part of Bangladesh.  Classes are held in the evenings so that regular income generating activities and daily work is not compromised. This programme has been extended to other chars. Female adults, male adults, and adolescents are the three different groups enrolled in the programme. After completion of the eight month course, adult students are able to handle daily activities with greater ease such as, carry out business transactions, write letters and comprehend written messages.   After the course, the adolescent students usually enroll in the vocational training programme. Without completing the functional literacy programme, adolescents cannot enroll in the vocational training programme.  At present a total of 1260 adults - an average of 20 adults per school - are part of this project in 65 centres out of which eight are for adolescents.

The people benefitting from the adult education programme are usually FCDC members with some being other community members, while the students in the adolescent education programme are usually from families of FCDC members.  

The Adult Education Project will increase char dwellers’ literacy and awareness, and encourage them to send their children to school. The vocational training is designed to help them improve their incomes and reduce poverty.

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