Mobile Health Solutions

Friendship introduced mHealth Technology to integrate healthcare services more efficiently and provide the services more effectively.

With mHealth, Friendship strives to overcome some challenges in its existing healthcare system such as manual data entry which is prone to errors; high risk patient identification and management; and referral management. 

By adopting mHealth Solutions, Friendship will have automated risk algorithm which will identify at-risk patients who FCMs will schedule to meet with paramedics during Satellite Clinics. It will be a platform for communication between medical specialists and Friendship Community Medic-Aide (FCMs). It will enable FCMs to treat some ailments, diagnosis and prescriptions of which will be generated by back-end physician connected through mobile-web interface.  Notably, mHealth Solutions will empower FCMs. Basic mobile phones, and sophisticated algorithms with built-in decision trees will enable FCMs to easily interview patients and immediately obtain an automated response.  This gives FCMs the capability to do more in terms of providing services to their communities. 

An action research project has been carried out to further understand the best way to integrate mHealth into Friendship’s existing 3-tier healthcare delivery system.  A substantial component of this is the analysis of the model that was piloted which has been successfully completed.

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