Sustainable Economic Development

Initial efforts made by Friendship in the char region consisted primarily of humanitarian relief; however, there was also a great need for increasing the self-sufficiency of people in these areas through  introducing sustainable, income generation activities. In order to achieve this change, an integrated system was developed through which the char dwellers can improve their income generation capacity and increase their capacity to cope with hazard. These activities are further complemented with the provision of technical advice, vocational training and income generation asset transfers. There are a few projects that fall under the Sustainable Economic Development Programme which are as follows:

The major components of the programme are:


Agriculture Based Income Generation ProjectThe vision of the project is to facilitate agriculture based livelihood development, food security and financial sustainability for the char dwellers. It has also modified its agricultural activities to create more sustainable self-driven systems to ensure  farmers’ livelihoods and food security in the region . . .

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Vocational Training and Employment Generation ProjectIn Bangladesh climate change has considerably increased the occurrence of droughts and natural disasters, and is causing seasonal irregularities. As a result of this agriculture is likely to no longer be a dependable source of people’s livelihood. The country has already seen the fastest wave of urbanization in the past decade than. . .

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Friendship Fishermen Project

The first phase of the Fishermen Project started in January 2011 with the financial assistance of Friendship Luxembourg. The second phase of the project began in February 2012. The project is being implemented in Khajura char, Gangamati char, Kawarchar char and in Kuakata of Patuakhali district, which is located in southern Bangladesh. . .

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